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SpeedyCash – Review

The coverage that the company offers is not advantageous. Out of all the 10 provinces and 3 territories there is in Canada, they only loan to 4 provinces. There is no actual analyzing done if you are looking for an online loan, the system has an algorithm that seems to just refuse you, even if they advertise they approved people with monthly income and lend up to 50% of your own income. There is no actual analyzing done which is very disappointing after they ask for your Landlords information along with THREE different contact information and your personal banking information.

CaptainCash – Review

Captain Cash is very unique company. It is one of the first online loaning company that came up with the instant banking verification. Right off the start it started with a brand-new technology of ‘document free’. Which is something that is exceptional for the clients seeing as in this kind of industry, timing is everything, when clients are already worrying about everything, they do not have to worry by making an application with Captain Cash seeing as they do not have to send over anything, everything can be done through signing contracts online and also having your bank statement sent to them directly.

Bc-Loans – Review

What is perfect about Bc-Loans is that it has stood the test of time. It has proven to be a good company who works for their clients and follow the laws and has over 10,000 satisfied clients, which is something a new client can see by accessing the Facebook page.

It keeps at hearts its client who come back for financial assistance even though they are not in the best financial situation, it trusts its clients will make the right decision, in our day and age it is hard to find a company who trusts its clients and doesn’t follow an algorithm.

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