Phone : 1-250-314-0428

Corporate Address : This company doesn’t have a corporate address, however, they have multiple store locations

Time in business: Since 1988

Coverage :

  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Nova Scotia
  • Saskatchewan

Opening Hours :

  • Monday – Wednesday : 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Thursday – Friday :  9:00 AM -8: 00 PM
  • Saturday : 10:00 AM – 5:30PM


  • Have a bank account opened for 60 days
  • Employed for 3 months
  • Make at least $800.00 a month through employment, child tax, or pension
  • No High Debt Ratio
  • Canadian Citizen

Loan Amount : $250 – $1500 or 50% of your income

Reimbursement information : The loan needs to be paid on the following pay day of the income you borrowed from.

Fees :

  • British Columbia: $17 for each $100.00 lent
  • Alberta: $15 for each $100.00 lent
  • Nova Scotia: $22.00 for each  $100.00 lent
  • Saskatchewan: $23.00 for each  $100.00 lent
  • Flat $40.00 fee for every returned payment

Pro & cons :


    •    Get receive money by email money transfer or direct deposit
    •    Loans up to 50% of your income
    •    Loans on multiple type of incomes


    •    Most of process has to be done in store
    •    Doesn’t lend to most of Canada
    •    No actual analysing done for an online application
    •    No chance of speaking to any general customer service agents


Our Review about Speedycash :

Speedy Cash’s website looks like it was made back in 2005, which in our day in age means that there is not a lot of money invested into the website, regardless that the website states it was founded in 1988, it does not reflect that.

The coverage that the company offers is not advantageous. Out of all the 10 provinces and 3 territories there is in Canada, they only loan to 4 provinces. There is no actual analyzing done if you are looking for an online loan, the system has an algorithm that seems to just refuse you, even if they advertise they approved people with monthly income and lend up to 50% of your own income. There is no actual analyzing done which is very disappointing after they ask for your Landlords information along with THREE different contact information and your personal banking information.

Another thing that is bothering is that they have no actual number, there is a 1-800 number to call to get basic information, you can only have an email for that. For a number, you have to look for the one closest to you which is obviously not the best when you are looking for a quick loan/answer. A lot of companies out there today who do cash chequing obviously take a percentage, but this company also takes a $3.50 every single time. For example; for a $1000.00 cheque, you will be receiving $958.00 which is way too much considering that 3.5% is already pretty high.

It seems to be the kind of business that does not want to grow in any way shape or form, here is the reasons why. They serve provinces that have different laws in terms of lending, therefore there is no reason why they should not loan in Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, if they are loaning in Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Alberta. Their websites, except for minor updates, has the same layout as any basic website from the early 2000’s and is also not interactive. The fact that they do not have a global number for the company itself, shows me that they do not want to invest into have a call center to help their clients, or even pay a basic phone system to direct the call to the nearest store.