Phone :

Toll Free : 1-855-914-7940

General Inquiry : 1-780-424-1080

Online Department : 1-855-525-3410

Flex Loan Department : 1-844-456-1504


Corporate Address : Head Office

#325, 8170 50 St.Edmonton, Alberta, T6B 1E6



Time in business:

They have been in business since 2010


Coverage :

  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland And Labrador
  • Ontario
  • Saskatchewan


Opening Hours :

  • Monday – Thursday : 8h00 – 17h30
  • Friday : 8h00 – 16h30



  • Live at your residence for more than 3 months
  • Photo ID
  • Be of legal age
  • Provide proof of income
  • Have a bank account that has been opened and regularly used for at least 60
  • Have been employed for at least a month


Loan Amount :

  • Up to $7000.00 if you have a bank account with them
  • Up to $5000.00 for an online loan to the provinces available


Reimbursement information :

  • The loan is paid back by automatic withdrawal
  • Can be paid up to over 60 months


Fees :

  • All loans have a 40.99%
  • There is brokerage fee, however no agent was able to tell me how much it is since you only know when you’re approved
  • $45.00 fee + interest when you missed a payment for any reason


Pro & cons :


    •    Loan repayment affects your credit
    •    Has cash back rewards when you open a bank account
    •    Offers multiple types of loan
    •    Unlimited direct deposits without fees
    •    Has loan protection


    •    Only offers bank accounts to Alberta residents for the time being
    •    Loan repayment affects your credit
    •    Can’t know how much is your brokerage fee until you receive the loan

Our Review about Cashco Financial  :

Cashco Financial seems to be a great company for anyone who is seriously looking to rebuild their credit score without necessarily looking into going through debt management, consumer proposal or bankruptcy. Their financial assistance is very similar the same vision as Apple. Meaning that if you choose to have all of your services through them it can be very advantageous, seeing as they offer $500.00 overdraft protection if you have direct deposit pays, offers up to $5.00 a month cash back after a certain amount of transactions, and also offers loans for all purposes that directly affect your credit Score.

Their website is very easy to use, and you can find them everywhere on the internet, and seem to be available in many different social platforms. Which is something very reassuring since, usually, a company that is trying to be ‘out there’ has absolutely nothing to hide. All together, it is a great company for people who are looking to rebuild their credit on a long term and are serious about it. The only downside is that they are only available in alberta to have a bank account open, and only a few other provinces are loan-accessible.